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Project Connect is all in

A New Transit Plan for Austin

Project Connect is a community effort that expands transit options throughout the Austin area, with new light rail and more services across the city.

Learn about updates to the light rail system from the Austin Transit Partnership (ATP), what’s next for Project Connect, and how you can Get Involved


All In for Equity and Opportunity

A truly comprehensive transit system can connect people to opportunities. Project Connect will help create thousands of good local jobs, and provide more access to healthcare, education, employment, essential services, entertainment and will also create and maintain more affordable places to live. It’s designed to help us all move toward a future without limits.


All In for Environment and Sustainability

There is a shared passion in our community for the environment. That’s why a commitment to environment and sustainable practices are core to Project Connect, and we will lean into the challenge to conserve and protect natural resources in the decisions we make. Our sustainability goal is to be carbon neutral by 2040 and we are estimating that our transit buses will be zero-emissions by 2035. 


All In for Innovation and Technology

Technology and innovation inspire much of who we are as a region. Project Connect will embrace that spirit, making transportation smarter, more efficient, enjoyable and easier to use.


The Project Connect program includes a variety of projects ranging from rail, bus, facilities and technology.