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PROJECTS Original Blue Line – 2020


The proposed Blue Line Project is an 8.2-mile light rail transit (LRT) corridor that would operate from Republic Square in downtown Austin to the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS).

The transitway is proposed to operate through downtown under 4th and Trinity Streets. The transitway would cross Lady Bird Lake on a new dedicated transit bridge, and travel along East Riverside Drive and State Highway 71 to the airport.

Purpose and Need

The need for the Blue Line Project is demonstrated by worsening highway congestion, a lack of mobility options and limited roadway capacity, inadequate transit access, increasing travel demand and travel times, decreasing mobility and additional travel costs. 

The Blue Line Project would provide: 

  • Improved high-capacity transit that operates faster and has better reliability
  • Improved connectivity to affordable housing, employment, activity centers and the airport
  • Links to other future transit corridors including the Transit Underground


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*The Blue Line map reflects potential future operations of Blue Line trains traveling on the Orange Line infrastructure from Republic Square to the North Lamar Transit Center. For the purposes of the environmental review process, the proposed Blue Line infrastructure is between Republic Square and the Airport.

The Blue Line Project would address the following needs: 

  • Sustainably support Austin’s population and economic growth
  • Increase transportation network capacity to meet increasing travel demand
  • Support Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) growth in air travel
  • Provide better transit options linking affordable housing and jobs
  • Support growth of and connectivity to activity centers