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Community Advisory Committee

The City of Austin, CapMetro, and the Austin Transit Partnership created the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to advise all three partners on anti-displacement and equity matters related to Project Connect.  The CAC includes 11 community members who apply and are selected to serve for a term of four years.

Thank you for your interest!

      Thank you for your interest in joining the CAC! The application period closed on Friday, November 17 at 11:59 p.m. Please check back for other ways to stay involved with Project Connect.

      ¡Gracias por su interés! 

          ¡Gracias por su interés en unirse al CAC! El plazo de solicitud se cerró el viernes 17 de noviembre a las 23:59 horas. Vuelva a consultar este sitio web para mantenerse involucrado con Project Connect.

          Who Should Apply?

          Applications are now open for community members to serve on the Community Advisory Committee.   Community members with personal, professional, or lived experience that has contributed to meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness, mobility justice, the advancement of criminal justice reform, housing and land-use policy, workforce/labor policy, and increasing economic or other opportunities for underserved transit users should apply.

          Before Applying, Review Eligibility Requirements

          All CAC Members must meet the following requirements:


          Appointment Process and Timeline

          Frequently Asked Questions

          The Nominating Committee will consist of:

          • Council Member Paige Ellis, Chair of the City’s Mobility Committee
          • CapMetro Board Member Eric Stratton, Chair of the CapMetro Operations, Planning and Safety Committee
          • ATP Board Member Juan Garza, Community Expert Director for Community Planning
          • One member of the CAC to be identified by the CAC Chair

          The following are examples of the topics the committee may advise on:

          • Transit-supportive and displacement prevention strategies that should be used in the City
          • Design principles that should be included in Austin Light Rail to serve people with disabilities and others who rely on transit 
          • Community questions and concerns about design and construction of the new transit system
          • Community involvement plans 
          • In January 2024, all new advisory committee members will draw straws for two or four year terms to allow for staggered terms.  After this initial selection, all terms will be four years
          • There are monthly public meetings of the committee that last at most two hours
          • At times, committee members are asked to serve on smaller workgroups throughout their term, depending on what is occurring in the project
          • The meeting location is at ATP’s office located at 203 Colorado Street in downtown Austin with options to join meetings remotely

          Yes, we can provide the application translated into languages other than English and Spanish (available above) upon request. To request a translation, contact us by email at or by phone at 512-389-7590. Please allow up to five days for the translation.