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Conceptual Rendering of Light Rail vehicle


Project Connect will expand and improve our transit network, including new light rail lines, four new MetroRapid lines, and more services across the city. Below are all of the projects that make up Project Connect.

Project Connect Light Rail

Light Rail

Light Rail is an electric train system used in metropolitan areas. Light rail trains can travel at street level, on elevated structures or underground. The “light” in light rail refers to its smaller size, compared to larger trains that ride on more traditional tracks, such as Austin’s existing Red Line commuter rail. Light rail is part of the overall transit network, connecting people to key destinations where they live, work and play


Red Line

The Red Line is a regional rail service that operates from downtown Austin through Central and Northwest Austin as well as the city of Leander. The Red Line will connect to the larger system, including the new Light Rail Lines, CapMetro Rapid and local bus routes.


Green Line

New regional rail service will connect downtown to East Austin’s Colony Park.


CapMetro Rapid

Rapid provides frequent service with a limited number of stops and faster travel times. Priority lanes, transit signal priority, queue jumps, enhanced and improved stations and higher frequency are all features of Rapid.


CapMetro Express

Express serves suburban Austin and neighboring communities with new routes between Park & Ride locations and major employment hubs such as the Capitol Complex, downtown and the 38th Street Medical District. In addition to the areas currently served by Express, Project Connect includes new Express service to other parts of the region, including Del Valle and Oak Hill.


Anti-Displacement Funding

Project Connect includes $300 Million in funding to ensure that the benefits of Project Connect are shared by all residents. The City of Austin manages the investment of these funds. See more information about the program.

Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (ETOD)

Project Connect is working in partnership with CapMetro & the City of Austin to ensure future development near transit corridors supports the overall quality of life as well as equitable outcomes for area residents of all incomes and backgrounds.



New neighborhood zones for Circulators. On-demand pickup and drop-off to locations within certain neighborhoods.


Park & Rides

9 new Park & Rides and 1 Transit Center


Customer Technology

New Smart Tools will provide customers with everything they need to plan, pay and go.