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Project Connect is thinking about ways to support CapMetro customers and make traveling easier, safer and more affordable to everyone. That’s why we’re improving the way you pay, plan and go with all new Smart Tools, and our fare capping program, which makes paying your fares simpler and more equitable for everyone.

New Smart Tools would provide customers with everything they need to plan, pay and go.

Fare Capping

Everyone Pays the Same

Not everyone can afford to buy a 31-Day Pass, but paying your fare each time you take an individual trip adds up to more than the cost of a monthly pass pretty quickly. Fare capping ensures that you’re never charged more than a monthly fare. 

It makes transit more affordable and gives customers the chance to use their phones or a physical smart card to access a new account-based fare system across all types of transportation. Once you hit that threshold, you ride free for the rest of the month.

Mobile App

Plan Your Trip and Pay in Advance

Account-based, mobile-app technology lets you view and track usage, plus gives you the potential for loyalty rewards from agency partners. Compatible with Apple and Google Pay.

Smart Trip Planning

Track your ride with real-time locations. Receive updates on the latest detours and service impacts to make informed travel choices.

Smart Card

Tap and Go

Use your re-loadable and reusable smart card or smart phone to pay for and use all types of transportation including parking, electric scooter and bike rentals. Tap or scan to validate tickets on bus or rail.