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Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (ETOD)

A Deeper Look at ETOD

How is Austin Working to Achieve ETOD (Equitable Transit-Oriented Development)?

CapMetro was awarded $3.15 million from the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) TOD Pilot Grant to produce an Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (ETOD) Study for Austin, Texas.

CapMetro is leading the ETOD Study in partnership with the City of Austin (COA) and the Austin Transit Partnership (ATP) to implement future transportation investments in step with corresponding tools and policies that focus on preserving existing communities and enhancing their access to economic opportunity. The study recommends community-centered policies and strategies for stations planned under Project Connect, a voter-approved transit expansion plan that includes a zero-emissions fleet, new rail system and an expanded bus system with more routes. In June 2021, City Council directed City staff to develop a systemwide ETOD Policy Plan which will build on the ETOD Strategy Framework and guide additional planning activities in other corridors. Key recommendations from this study are directly incorporated into the Plan as part of the collaborative efforts.

This project is trailblazing for CapMetro in many ways— in the intentionality to focus on equity, prioritize underrepresented voices, align transit and housing strategies across multiple agencies, as well as the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to implement policies in the advancement of major infrastructure construction.

This study will seek to meet these CapMetro, City of Austin, and community-defined key objectives for ETOD:

ETOD_icons_grey_Accessible Transit

Goal 1: Enable All Residents to Benefit from Safe, Sustainable, and Accessible Transportation 


Goal 2: Help to Close Racial Health and Wealth Gaps  


ETOD_icons_grey_Affordable Housing

Goal 3: Preserve and Increase Housing Opportunities That are Affordable and Attainable 


ETOD_icons_grey_Job Opportunities

Goal 4: Expand Access to High-Quality Jobs & Career Opportunities 

ETOD_icons_grey_Healthy Neighborhoods

Goal 5: Support Healthy Neighborhoods That Meet Daily Needs

ETOD_icons_grey_Small Business

Goal 6: Expand Austin’s Diverse Cultural Heritage and Small, BIPOC-Owned, and Legacy Businesses

Engage With Us

Join CapMetro and the City of Austin to shape the future of North Lamar & South Congress Transit Centers. When available, we will offer opportunities to share your thoughts here.

ETOD Final Report and Executive Summary

The ETOD Study is out! Check out how we got here and what’s next:

ETOD Executive Summary Cover Graphic Image


Download Executive Summary

Download Final Report

ETOD Policy Plan 

The Council-accepted ETOD Policy Plan is a set of guidelines to help the City of Austin put equitable transit-oriented development into action. 

Access the ETOD Policy Plan


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Take a deep dive into our key findings.

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Working Together in Partnership


Data Dashboards

Explore Existing Conditions

This ETOD study builds a foundation for policy options through case studies of other successful ETOD strategies across the country, community engagement to understand the goals and priorities of residents and workers, and the following Conditions Analysis that uses data analysis to understand the character and trends of growth, the built environment, infrastructure, and people within the study area.

The study area reflects 21 initial study stations along the Orange and Blue Lines. The existing conditions dashboard will ultimately expand to include all 98 Project Connect stations. Explore data regarding:

  • Population and Demographics
  • Displacement Risk
  • Jobs and Businesses
  • Urban Fabric
  • Real Estate Market
  • Mobility

View the Dashboard

ETOD 2022 Priority Tool

The ETOD 2022 Priority Tool interactive dashboard replaces CapMetro’s 2016 Priority Tool. The updated tool focuses on people and complete communities, with more sensitivity to community context and the impacts of development. The ETOD 2022 Priority Tool prioritizes station areas for future ETOD initiatives and investments, to not only minimize displacement risk but also support opportunities to achieve equitable outcomes.

View the Priority Tool

Next Steps


After establishing a baseline framework through the ETOD Policy Plan, the project partners are focused on implementation.

CapMetro is focusing on the delivery of ETOD through site-specific implementation, such as the station area vision plans for CapMetro’s North Lamar Transit Center and South Congress Transit Center. As the land use authority, the City of Austin is implementing ETOD policy tools with a systemwide approach, focusing on the regulatory application of the plan, such as amendments to the City’s comprehensive plan, land development code and station area vision planning for the remaining stations. The project teams will continue coordination with the Austin Transit Partnership on the Austin Light Rail implementation.