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Friends at food truck near transit-oriented development.

ETOD Resources

This library includes documents and summaries we've developed to simplify different elements of the ETOD study process. Open, download or print any of these documents for a deeper look at ETOD, and to use as a guiding resource to share with your community.

ETOD Study Report

An overview of CapMetro's ETOD study process, outreach efforts and approach towards engagement.

Download Final Report

Download Executive Summary

ETOD One-Pager Summaries

One page summaries describing each task and deliverable within this ETOD study process.

Download (English)

Download (Spanish)

ETOD Toolkit

A set of 46 policy tools that can be tailored to the goals and needs for each station area.


Engagement Summary

We've completed Phase 3 of our study. Here's a look at what we've heard from you so far.

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Download (Spanish)

Case Study Summary

Take a closer look at 9 cities whose ETOD efforts offer useful precedent and lessons for new approaches in Austin.

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